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Breaking patterns, breaking rules

If there is one thing in photography that I like most is "breaking the rules" as it allows a photographer to transcend conventions and standards to be able to fully express creativity, impulsiveness, and acting on that opportunity for "decisive moment" shot.

When I had the chance to visit London on official business, there was an ongoing repair of the Houses of Parliament. It was definitely a big disappointment to architecture and travel photographers because they will not be able to bring home a postcard-perfect photo. Sorry, but the Houses of Parliament was not just just ready for Instagram.

But then, moving around it, there are goings on that are photography-worthy. There are still objects and areas where one can have a better photo opportunity. Then, this scene appeared before me as I was walking from the back. I was loving the patterns of the scaffoldings, but then adding the spire provided that contrast the to mesh pattern of the scaffoldings was seemed nece…

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