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Early morning walks during low tide unquestionably awakens one's senses especially if you are in the sea with a lot of seagrass beds like Danao beach in Panglao, Bohol. Moments of low tide allow the seas to unveil its another character--one teeming with life which, otherwise, cannot be easily seen with water above them. This becomes an affirmation of God's great creation.

Gleaning is a preferred activity in this part of Bohol. Gleaners tread on the shallow water or on the exposed land to pick up snails, shells, sea cucumbers, urchins, seaweed and even small fishes. For some fisherfolks, gleaning is a source of livelihood, if not for daily food.

Although this provides food and livelihood to many coast-dwelling people, it also becomes a threat to the ecosystem. Treading and tramping on seagrass poses threats to the living creatures in that seagrass ecosystem.

To protect and conserve the coastal ecosystem, everything must be done with care and in moderation.

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