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Wide angle

A wide-angled lens create a distortion in every photo. This distortion, is not acceptable to some professional photographers, especially in architecture because they create a tapered appearance of the building--owing to the basic fact that there are no distorted buildings, and that buildings need to be captured in the most realistic appearance. In the end, depending on their editors, some photographers end up fixing the vertical and horizontal orientations and reduce distortions.

Some photographers, however, prefer wide lens to capture the entire architectural subject. Some even invest on expensive wide lens to create this effect. In one article I read that a photographer does not need to have wide-angled lens just to capture the the entirety of the structure. They say that there is one simple and inexpensive solution--just take a few steps back.  Well, this is possible if the structure is isolated and if it is located with adequate foreground where one can freely move around.

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