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The boat builder

I rarely see boat builders at work. I just had this rare chance of witnessing how big boats for fishing or for uses in tourism such as deep sea diving are built. This particular boat was commissioned by a diving tour operator. This boat is big so that it can accommodate tanks and up to 20 people on board.

The hull is usually made of hardwood keel, which is very rare in this part of Bohol, Philippines.  They had to import this from Mindanao. Then the kiln-dry wooden frames are carefully assembled and shaped and to achieve the required balance between the bow and the stern. The hull is usually covered with marine plywood and sealed with water-tight sealants and epoxy so that it can stand the harsh conditions in the sea.

While watching them, I thought the scene was photography-worthy, especially the patterns of the well-assembled wooden frames. Asking their permission was in order. Some clients like their boats to have specific designs and the makers are covered with "non-disclosur…

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