Seeing movement

"Movement" in still photos? Yes, you read it right!

Capturing movement in still photos is one of the most challenging subjects--not only because they are hard to spot, but it goes with the opportunity to freeze a moving subject in mid-action, like moving cars, children running, athletes jumping, people walking, and other actions you can ever imagine.

Sometimes suspending movement does not suffice. Creating motion blur by controlling shutter speed suggest better images of movement. Motion is not confined to living subjects -- we can find them around us in ways we may not readily recognize such as moving clouds, movement of the ocean, hair blown by the breeze and many more.

Sometimes, it does not have any physical movement. There is such a thing called "Visual flow" in art. These photos evoke dynamism and rhythm. The elements composition comes at this point. Lines, curves, patterns and repetitive elements, color gradations carry the eye from one point to next and allow you to experience movement — even when nothing is actually moving.


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