More London in mono

London weather can be challenging for photography. One moment it is sunny, it can be gloomy or worse, rainy, the next few minutes. You will be lucky to have blue skies even on a summer. Using some borrowed time during an official business trip is just as challenging. You have to take advantage of the late sunset which usually happens around 9 o'clock.

Taken at around past six in the afternoon (close to 7PM) and cloudy at that, I had to get by with the available light. I could make adjustments in Lightroom later on. My only mistake was that I was not able to shoot in raw format, which could provide more leg room for editing and tweaking the photo.

I read a photography article before that if there is no sun or the sky is drab--exactly how this photo is --you may want to convert the photo into black and white, instead. Truth to tell,  and I am not denying it, I had to tweak it first in LR, then convert this into HDR and black and white in Snapseed.

With right timing and framing and some good editing software nowadays, your drab photos can look better like this.


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