Every January 9 the Philippines commemorates the Translación, referring to the transfer of the image to its present shrine in Quiapo church in Manila.

Millions of devotees to the Black Nazarene make their way to the streets of the Quiapo district to join the procession. The Traslación is likewise a photographer's haven and capturing it in still photos, including the image of Quiapo church, is almost obligatory for every photographer.

With devotees and other attendees like photographers, street hawkers that reach up to millions, photographing the Traslación would be a challenging task. One has to contend with staying under the heat of the sun, dust and experience sheer exhaustion. You have you make your way to a sea of people and compete for that vantage point to see the andas carrying the replica of the Black Nazarene slowly inching its way amidst the crowd.

I, myself, "got lost" and got separated from my photographer friends, but eventually, we were able to converge on the roof of the way to the underpass behind the Metropolitan theater. It was not the perfect spot but allowed us to have a vantage point rather than stay at the street level.

With so many security restrictions now when we can no longer carry a backpack or bag that would contain photography gears, and the fact that I may not be as physically robust compared to six years ago, I am proud to say that, at least once in my life, I have been part and experienced to shoot the Traslación.

This obligatory shot--is done.


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