My first street shot


This is the first street shot I made while on a trip to Lagawe, Ifugao doing a commissioned case study I made for a foundation. Earlier on, I entitled it "Rarity" with the caption:
While Filipino women have taken bold steps towards achieving gender equality particularly in their productive roles, some Filipino men do not mind embracing traditional women's roles. 

Anyway, not wanting to turn this blog entry into a theoretical discourse on the role of Filipino men and women, or gender and development, I just want to express that it just makes me feel good that I was able to capture this photo in a place where there is very little exposure on or not used to photographers taking photos of strangers in the streets.   It was done fast so as not to distract the subject.  If my memory serves me right, I was then waiting for a ride back to Solano, Nueva Viscaya then.

In many instances, strangers do wonder why I am taking their photos and I felt that I might get the ire of my subjects.  As a precaution, I become choosy in my subjects.  It is not just any person I can find on the streets.  I have to sense from afar whether or not they are "friendly" subjects.  So I use my 150mm  or 300mm so as not to distract the subject.

I prefer my street photos in their raw--to get that authentic scene, emotion, behavior, and action.



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