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Had the chance to visit a cooperative in Benguet over the weekend, and it so happened it was their regular board meeting, where they discuss organizational matters like their business, training program, and future projects.

Over a kettle of brewed Benguet coffee and boiled sweet potatoes, every plan is brewed in this modest room, with every one participating to make their development and anti-poverty efforts to succeed.

The aroma of Benguet coffee surely did to make the discussion more animated.  In the exigency of service and being away with my family, communing with these people of Benguet, was definitely worth the weekend spent with them.

The Cordilleras need more development funds. While there may be no state of "unpeace" in the region, they still need the most deserved development assistance from the government and development agencies.

And why not? With the additional support, Caliking Multi-Purpose Cooperative in Atok, Benguet, might soon become a "millionaire cooperative," as what they envision it to be.

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