With just one look

With just one look

I am a photographer who would always want that certain look in the eye or a kind of unique facial expression without being intrusive to my subject.  I love candids, which are taken at the right moment when your subject moves.  It takes a lot of patience especially when you are holding more than a kilo of photography gear, under the sun, and without a tripod or monopod to rest on, while aiming at your subject without her knowing, and praying she would look at you and give you that kind of expression.

And when you get what you want, it becomes a priceless work of art!  Doesn't it?

This was taken with my 300mm. There were pupils who were listening attentively and watching the book distribution ceremony in their school.  They sat and lined up on the edge of the veranda.  I thought that if I aim my camera, there would be at least one who would look at me.  Indeed, I was lucky.

By the way, she was not mad at me.  That squint in his eyes was caused by the glare of the noontime sun, plus the fact that Igorots have chinito/chinita eyes.



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