"Go placidly amid the noise and haste,
and remember what peace there may be in silence."
(Desiderata, Max Ehrman, 1927)

In this time and age where "noise" comes from the wires and signals of communication--of the internet and cellular phones, "silence" is becoming an obsolete idea.  My internet connection was cut due to an inefficient courier service, and the man who was supposed to deliver the bill happened to knock on the wrong gate rather than mine and reported there was no one at home, so it "went back to the sender."

I, too, was not vigilant of the delivery of bills, being too busy with daily chores and the daily humdrum.  I have become oblivious of some more important things that need to be done or be concerned about--all because I was too busy with the net.  

There is a lot of "noise" here and there--very good topics to be discussed, rant about, blog about, and chat about--online.  Now that my DSL is still in process of reconnection after a debate with the CSR, that it was not my fault for my undelivered bill, ergo, not paid on time, I have appreciated "silence" for a short time.

But then, I hanker for the latest buzz, hottest news, latest FB updates, and read my important emails.  Indeed, "silence" is no longer an option.  Silence becomes a source of un-peace--all because we want to connect or re-connect.  Good thing I have my phone to reconnect in the net.

We are a social animal, after all.


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