This is probably my last post for this month.  Aside from this blog, I still need to work on "Explored!" that badly needs updating.  I have accumulated so many travel stories that need to be shared. The month of May has offered me many photographic opportunities. I should say this is a "Goodmonth".  [smile!].

This is one is from one of my field visits in Marikina. This man owns a vulcanizing shop and his wife tends a store.  After the typhoon Ondoy, life for them, like a wheel, has to roll and move on.

Life has many challenges, and I am just thankful for every little thing that it offers every day.  And so I say, I am moving on.


  1. nice shot you have here. astig :) sama ko sa photowalk mo minsan hehe

  2. Thanks, adventurousfeet! Sure! Sometimes may mga group photowalks kami...

  3. Wow!I was just blog hopping bago matulog. Tapos nakita koto, and you earned an instant subscriber.

    Bago lang po ako sa blogsphere kaya its very intersting to see a blog like this.

    Thumbs up Sir!


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