Boy and girl, uninterrupted

Boy and girl, uninterrupted

I had several shots of this scene at the side of NCCA building at Calle General Luna in Intramuros. They were oblivious of the 20 or so photography hobbyists that pass by them.  Even if I clicked away, they did not mind me photographing them. I found this particular shot somewhat intriguing.  Their hand signals appear amusing, but no.  Good thing, I am writing about it, or else, it would be misinterpreted just like Poleteismo.

They are nursing students of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, I think, who were discussing physiology and anatomy, as I have heard them talking about some heart and lung conditions.  The guy was demonstrating, I think how the blood get's trapped in the artery that causes some heart ailments [inaudible] that affects the lungs, etc., etc....  But that was the gist.

Reflecting on it, I admired these two students who for their determination to learn, by hook and by crook--in any nook, had to discuss their lesson.  Likewise, this reminds me of my college days when we had to do study groups in our major subjects just so we could comprehend those alien psychological, psychometric, and statistical theories, and even the "war room" at work discussing about poverty alleviation.

Good old days!


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