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The prayer

The prayer

When it comes to street photography, I felt I have become a bit rusty. I have never been out on the streets for two years or so. I was just so engrossed with my work and travel blog.

One day, I thought I have lost it. I always wanted to continue this blog but I did not have many interesting materials to fill it up. One day, I just decided that it was about time I chase that passion--again--and continue creating images beyond travel and tourism.

However, once I walked out on the streets of Binondo, again, I felt a void. I felt like I was alone. We were only three and unlike in the earlier years, we were a big group. Seems like the group has outlived street photography as well.

Be that as it may, I may have "lost" buddies to work, bikes, motorbikes, running, and new fad or other popular activities that have sprung, I think photography is always in me, after all.

It is my prayer that my "lost" photography buddies would also find themselves out in the streets again.

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MONO-LOGUES--Bereft of colors, black and white photos amaze me as a photography hobbyist. Concepts of highlight and shadow detail, image contrast, exposure latitude and tonal range are all best understood through the black-and-white images.

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