Over a cup of iced cappuccino

Over a cup of iced capuccino

Waiting for a flight, especially when you are traveling alone, would be very boring. A cup of good coffee and a few sticks would be a perfect company in times like this. People-watching would also be quite interesting, especially if you get the chance to get nosy and eavesdrop on their conversations [which I do most of the time]. Capturing interesting scenes with your camera would be ideal, but doing it inside a coffee lounge in a very strict Davao City airport is another story.

However, I was really itching at the time, so I took this image—albeit done inconspicuously and discreetly and pretending like I was fixing my camera or something like that. Doing a street shoot in old Manila, where I am used to, and where everything is “free”, is quite different from shooting people inside an establishment, where the notion of privacy becomes a matter of ethics, or worse, violation of human rights!

Not sure about what will happen to this shot, which I happen to set in “M” mode, instead of easier “P” mode. ¡Que sera, sera. The result? It turns out to be washed out or overexposed. But then, just like my previous article, I did not want to throw it as I consider this to be unconventional and avant-garde, or something that is “not-so-like-me” photo.

This reminds me of a literary piece called “The Art of Loafing” by Alejandro Roces. Now it is my turn—calling it the “art of waiting.”


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