Going back to my roots

Going back to my roots

Ilocano-speaking that I am, I have never really gone to Ilocos that much where the forefathers from my maternal side originated. So when I had the chance to drop by Vigan for a half day, I tried to look for something Ilocano, or anything that depicts an Ilocano's daily life.

This photo was taken from Vigan, the seat of Ilocano culture and tradition, it being a UNESCO Heritage site.  I was shooting old architecture when I saw this lady vending some goods, and I thought it would be nice to juxtapose her with the old architecture.

I waited for her to pass by the gate where there would be enough sunlight to flood her and hopefully create a long shadow on the right.  But then the clouds suddenly appeared but the ambient light was still strong enough to create a shadow.  She also noticed I was taking a photo so she walked further right, not knowing she was my subject.  But I was still able to manage to include her into the frame.  I would have wanted wireless street, a calesa, instead of a modern vehicle on the road but that would be asking too much.


  1. I recently went to Vigan, too. I can relate to your experience of quietly waiting for subject or at least an living element to do proceed with what he/she/it's supposed to do at the time of the snap shot. Usually the subject or the element does not do what we have in mind, yes. It's part of the experience. We make do with what we're given LOL. By the way, very nice website. I would have loved to have one like yours with the skill and talent that you have. Keep up the wonderful work and art expression online.


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