The photographer


Mula sa mga imaheng likha
hinahabi mo
ang mga
at tula.

Malungkot. Masaya.
Pangit. Maganda.

Post script:

This was taken in Binondo's Plaza San Lorenzo (infront of the Binondo Church) in July 2008, during my first photowalk with Flickristasindios.

My "model" happens to share two things with me--Baguio City and photography.  Doc Reg, as I call her, produces images like no one else does.  Her photos go beyond the cliche. She sees things from an angle, view and perspective quite different from the rest, which earns her the respect of our fellow photographers.  She now dabbles in fashion shoots, but still manages to keep it beyond norms and standards of the trade.  Like in her earlier work, she interprets fashion in a different light--a breather from the usual glossy counterparts.

She does not know I am featuring her in this blog. [smile!]

Please visit Regina's Photostream in Flickr.


  1. Thank you Sir Ding for the feature. Actually seeing your blog made me want to re-open mine. I really still have to organize my thoughts though. I have been busy for quite sometime though. Its a sacrifice I'm taking for something I want to achieve. Reading this was a reminder for me f the stories I want to tell through my photos.

    I've enjoyed our conversations sa FB. Its great exchanging ideas without having any conflict. Looking forward to your posts/thoughts.

    Again, thank you.

  2. It is not always too late to go back to blogging...


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MONO-LOGUES--Bereft of colors, black and white photos amaze me as a photography hobbyist. Concepts of highlight and shadow detail, image contrast, exposure latitude and tonal range are all best understood through the black-and-white images.

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