Sabong [Cockfight]


Cockfighting is one of the favorite pastimes of a handful of Filipinos.  The May 2010 Election fever seems not yet over, so, I begin to think that elections and running for a barangay post is also one big manifestation of Filipino concept of "fun." [Pun intended.].

Seeing this bunch of posters for local elections in Pangil, Laguna, and juxtaposed with a white rooster that is conditioned for a Sunday cockfight, makes me think this scene is interesting. Akin to cockfighting, a candidate go through years if not months of preparation before they can be brought to the arena.  Some will win, some will lose--and the people put their bets on them.

Barangay Elections in the Philippines is supposed to be the embodiment of people power.  However, it has become a breeding ground for corruption and bad governance, instead.  What is your opinion on this?


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