In the eyes of a Kankana-ey boy

In the eyes of a Kankana-ey boy

It is more than a month late!

I should have celebrated the 1st Anniversary of Mono-logues last January 1, 2011.  However, I could not put up even just a short post nor think clearly of how Mono-logues should proceed.  I guess, my mind has been muddled up lately.  I just could not find the appropriate photo since my last post in October 2010.  I also did not have the zest to convert colored photos into black and white. Simply said, I was just too lazy to update my blog.

I did a post in my Flickr photostream, here, here and here.  These posts express optimism, self-determination, and faith in God.  I hope it stays that way throughout 2011.  Also, these Flickr posts are my personal way of bringing back the glorious days of my Flickr-ing (at least in my own online photostream).  Well, this is what we pay for with having too much of Facebook-ing. You tend to overlook the more important things and those things that make you happy.

Finally, my trip to Buguias, Benguet a week ago pumped up that energy again.  Like cellphone batteries, sometimes, we need to recharge, too, you know. [Smile!].

My adrenalin soared as high as the mountains of Cordilleras.  It felt good being back in the bosoms of my wisdom.  It felt even greater seeing children being so happy and carefree.  It felt good seeing my image (literally) in the eyes of this Kankanaey boy!

Thank you for following me in 2010, and I hope you would still appreciate my monologues this year!  And I hope to share more of my thoughts on photography and life and general through Mono-logues!



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