This year, the Filipino nation is celebrating the 25th anniversary of EDSA Revolution.  Back in 1986, I was in Baguio then as a college freshman.  We did have our own version of the "EDSA Revolution."  We held rallies along Session Road and held a vigil on the grounds of Baguio Cathedral on the night of 24th till the wee hours in the 25th of February 1986.  We were also jubilant when we heard from Radyo Bandido (the only AM radio station operating at that time) when Marcos flees from Malacañang Palace.

As soon as we heard the announcement, we jubilantly marched (or rather ran) up and down Session Road and were met by a shower of confetti from the residents of Skyworld condominium (which was destroyed by the July 16, 1990 earthquake).   Baguio City then was indifferent primarily because it was a "Marcos country".  Nonetheless, there were significant groups of students and professionals who led the marches against the dictator.

It was unfortunate though that I was not able to join the morning "victory rally" at Session road and Melvin Jones grounds due to exhaustion the previous night.  Choppers soaring above the city, greeted us in the morning of February 25, apparently in support of the Cory administration.  I heard they showered the marching people with flower petals and not just confetti.  I was in awe and I could not help but let go of tears from my eyes.

We were free, at last!


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