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When I went to Bohol last year, I dropped by the Tagbilaran City cathedral. After shooting the interiors, I noticed the family sitting beside the column of the arch canopy. I thought that this scene would be good to show some contrast between static and moving subjects. The movement of two persons was not by chance. I really waited for some people to pass by to capture some movement, and my prayer was answered. I set the shutter into “burst” then I waited again for the two walking persons just enough to be seen past the statue of St. Joseph and between the arch.

After taking this photo, I did not care if it felt awkward after letting go of that smile infront of my bewildered spectators.

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MONO-LOGUES--Bereft of colors, black and white photos amaze me as a photography hobbyist. Concepts of highlight and shadow detail, image contrast, exposure latitude and tonal range are all best understood through the black-and-white images.

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