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Part of a whole

Part of a whole

The Philippines is now at a juncture where it needs to gather the pieces to restore what has been shattered in its past government administrations, including the recent Manila hostage drama infront of the Quirino Grandstand, that served as symbol of power and hope among Filipinos.

It may take time to gathering the pieces together.  It is at this point when crab mentality, complacency, witch-hunting, external attribution of our foibles, must not take the center stage.

Guided and inspired by the renewed hope, hard work and dedication, and resiliency, we, the Filipino people, acting for the common good, must start rebuilding, and it starts within ourselves.  After all, we are part of a whole that make up the Filipino Nation.

Note on this photo:  
Mall owners in the Philippines prohibit their buildings photographed.  At the time I took this photo, I was armed with my DSLR camera, but I was not able to use it.  Unless I would like to be told by security personnel just like when I took a photo of SM Baguio, I would have brought out my camera. Instead, I took out my LG Cookie (LG KP500) cellular phone for this one.     

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MONO-LOGUES--Bereft of colors, black and white photos amaze me as a photography hobbyist. Concepts of highlight and shadow detail, image contrast, exposure latitude and tonal range are all best understood through the black-and-white images.

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