If my memory serves me right, I was following my interns who were with the Tourism Officer of the Provincial Capitol in Malolos, Bulacan. I only realized then that my interns were looking for a restroom.  Then we ended up in this conference room, which was supposedly off-limits to "tourists" like us. Then I saw this window and commented it was nice to take photos with this one, and then everyone was taking photos.

I immediately thought it was good for a black and white photo--and a dramatic one at that.
So I asked one of my Muslim interns to model for me, and asked to follow some instructions and voila!

Except for the slight burning on the sides to further isolate the subject (although all four sides were already dark), I only converted this in Photoshop CS3 and tweaked on the levels.



  1. Bongga ang story behind this dramatic shot! hehe.. pati model nalang din pala. :p


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