Meals to go

Ang tindero ng ulam sa UP

We, Filipinos, are known for our creativity, resiliency, diligence, and sense of purpose, which make me believe we are the world's best entrepreneur--given the right opportunities, resources, and education.

Last year, while I was waiting for a cab after a meeting in UP College of Public Administration and Governance, I thought that the UP Diliman waiting shed was really a work of art and is just waiting for me to be photographed. (Smile!).  So I positioned myself at the inner side because I wanted to get that curved concrete bench and the lines of the roof, and waited for a jeepney to get that UP Diliman identity (you know, with its Ikot route).  Then, a jeep slowed down that made it easier for me to shoot without the blur.  Just in time when I pressed the shutter, the man with a plastic bag ran towards it and appeared inside my frame.  He handed the plastic bag and returned with some pesos in his hands.

I realized he is a food vendor, waiting for jeepney drivers so he can sell meals-to-go complete with rice and viand.  I thought it is a cool idea!  No kick-ass fast-food company has ever thought of that. Or perhaps I should keep mum about it to keep them from copying this man's selling idea.  I think he is already a permanent fixture in the shade because the drivers already know him.  What a way to earn money!  He just sits there waiting for money to come by.


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