This is what you can get in Vigan

This is what you can get in Vigan

If you are not Ilocano-speaking, you will find this vulgar and indecent. But then even if you are an Ilocano, and you think like a Tagalog, you would still let of that naughty smile. I am now. [LOL].

I found this one in one of the curio and souvenir shops in the jar-making community locally known as "Pagburnayan," which is derived from the noun "burnay" or a big jar used for storing water, fermenting bagoong and wine.  Ergo, Pagburnayan is simply a place where they make burnay and other pottery or clay-based products.

I had the chance to drop by Vigan sometime in May, due to a work-related trip, which I should be writing about in Explored! [Now I am reminded, once again!].  Lately, I have been very serious on my blog, so I thought that I should present to you something that would make you smile!

Tip: "Puki-Puki "is the best! Better than utong. No kid!

Agyaman ak, Apo! [Thank you!]



  1. haha gusto ko nung 'puki puki' . Its funny how certain dialects in our country has words that means another thing in others.

  2. if you want to sound refined, you can spell it as "poqui poqui".

    .. ay, same sound pala. naiba lang spelling. haha
    thanks for featuring this light side of our ilocano culture Ding!


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