Juan in FIlipino Nativity scene

Juan in Filipino Nativity Scene

This is another work by a Paete woodcarver who is an employee of  EYJ Enterprises in Cainta, Rizal.  This is the top of an eight-seater table that depicts the Nativity expressed in Filipino culture and tradition--with its basic characters, Juan, Maria, and baby Jesus.  Juan holds a lamp while Maria and baby Jesus are riding a carabao instead of a donkey.

When finished, this could serve as a table top (where a glass top will have to be added), or simply a mural that can be propped on a wall.  I just regret I was not able to get a photo of the full artwork.

They say Paete woodcarvers are a rarity these days due to some restrictions on logging and the moribund interest among the younger generation or woodcarving.  Local Paete artists now turn into paper mache instead of the woodwork.  This small company, however, finds a treasure in using scrap and recycled wood, which he mixes with metal, as part of his signature work.  Thus the table top would be propped on a metal stand instead of wood.



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