Keeping the faith

Keeping the faith

Last week, I had the chance to move around Rizal area and visited some of the project sites of the proponents of our projects.  I was at the right time when a wood carver from Paete, Laguna was carving Jesus Christ's bust out of a century old log.

The shop of the owner was flooded and had to relocate in his own residence at Meralco Village in Taytay, Rizal.

We, Filipinos, are known for our resiliency backed up by grim determination and faith to succeed.  Despite the great flood during the typhoon Ondoy, Filipinos still find time to smile and even laugh at their fate.



  1. Impressive photo of real life. Black and white is a strong medium to work with. Will have to try it with some of my photos on

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MONO-LOGUES--Bereft of colors, black and white photos amaze me as a photography hobbyist. Concepts of highlight and shadow detail, image contrast, exposure latitude and tonal range are all best understood through the black-and-white images.

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